Welcome to the team Corinna Brisbourne!

Welcome to the team Corinna Brisbourne!

As the WPS brand becomes more established after our launch at the end of last year, we're keen to get as many shredders using our products as possible, we also want to help riders who are giving it their all. 

At the start of May you may have seen @cory.bris showing off her new ride from  @the_trailhead_bicycle_co in Shrewsbury. @Sandy_plenty took some awesome photos of Corinna's new whip 👇 

Corinna Brisbourne's bike

 We took the opportunity to speak to Corinna just before she kicks off her 2023 season.

Welcome aboard team WPS, first of all we just wanted to say how awesome your new bike is looking and the photos Sandy took of it, how does it ride?

Thanks so much! I absolutely love the new bike and can’t quite believe how lucky I am to
have it. It’s an enduro beast with more travel than my previous bike so I can’t wait to get
it properly set up and get racing!

WPS Podium Piston kit

Have you raced it yet? If so, where? When? How did you get on? 

I have raced the new Nomad twice so far, my first race was actually also the first time I
had ridden the new bike so I was straight in the deep end! Both races were up in
Scotland, I managed to take 4 th at the Tweedlove International enduro at Tweed Valley
which I was fairly content with. More recently I had Dunkeld 2-day blind enduro which
was definitely a physical test! I had too many crashes to count but managed to stay on
just enough to take scrape the win.


How long have you been riding? 

I have been riding properly I’d say from 2016/17.

How did you get into riding? What made you want to get into racing? 

I actually got into riding through my boyfriend who already did a lot of competing and
had been riding since he was a lot younger. He would tell me about mountain biking and
the places he travelled to doing it, I felt like it was something I could really enjoy. I
already did a lot of sports at school, loved the outdoors and adventure so it seemed

Tell us a bit about yourself, do you work, study or something else? 

I graduated from university in 2021and since then have been working at The Trailhead
bike shop in Shrewsbury!

How do you manage to fit that in with your riding? 

It can be difficult to fit everything in, especially as I am trying to put as much effort and
time into racing as I can. Thankfully my work understands and supports my racing as
much as they can, letting me have the time off for racing and training/riding trips. I’m
passionate about the sport so I’ll always fit it in, I’m not sure what I’d do without it!
What are your riding plans for 2023? 
The 2023 calendar is pretty rammed which is exciting! It’s my first time racing abroad
this year, I’m heading out to some rounds of the Enduro World Series, starting with
Finale Ligure EDR at the start of June, then I have Loudenville and Portes du Soleil EDR
in September. In between those I have many regional and national races to keep me

Corinna Brisbourne racing WPS

What about long term? World domination? 

I’d love to be able to progress through the sport and ultimately do it full time but it’s very
difficult to compete against the females that already do it as their full-time job. I think as
long as I am enjoying the racing and riding, I will keep doing it.

You’ve posted some videos of some pretty hardcore looking training sessions on
Instagram? How often do you train? 

I don’t train much in the gym anymore as I’m trying to concentrate on getting as much
time on the bike as I can really without being sore from the gym. I usually do 3-4 rides a
week including some sprints/intervals when I can. If I am super time restricted then I’ll
jump on the turbo or go on a run instead.

Is training something you did before racing bikes? 

I have always done sports and absolutely loved being a part of them, I can’t deny I am
very competitive so always tried my best at whichever ones I have taken part in since a
young age. Now I have more competitive racing and sponsors I definitely train more and
regularly than ever before (it helps that I enjoy it).

How have you found the WPS products so far? 

So far, I have loved them. The podium piston kit in my shock is mega, I feel it’s improved
how my bike feels through fast rough sections of track such as a series of braking
bumps or drops, it seems to feel a lot smoother. Big compressions like a take-off to flat
or a big drop also feel less harsh.

Are you a meticulous suspension tweaker or a ride how it comes sort of person?  

I’ll be honest, I have always been a ride it as it comes sort of person, but I am starting to
put more effort into being more knowledgeable with my suspension and discover what
works best for me. At the end of the day, the more I learn, the more it could help me
especially if I am away racing and feel that I need to tweak something, I’ll know what and
how to do it.
I’m super excited for the upcoming year and can’t thank WPS enough for their support!

So there you have it, thanks so much to Corinna for chatting and best of luck with the season ahead. If you're out racing and you see Corinna or any other of the WPS riders give them a shout and have a chat with them about their bikes and their suspension setup.

We'll be introducing other team riders as the season progresses so keep an eye out for that. 

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