Warranty Period
WPS (a Trading name of J-Tech Suspension Ltd) offers a 2 year limited warranty, on all products, from date of purchase.

What’s Covered
WPS will repair or replace any product that fails (due to a design or manufacturing defect) within the above time period, providing it’s been used for it’s intended purpose, been fitted correctly, maintained correctly and not misused or abused.

What’s Not Covered
WPS will not repair or replace a product that fails within the above time period, if it has been incorrectly fitted, poorly maintained, misused, abused or been damaged by another component. Cost of shipping and removing/refitting the product is the responsibility of the purchaser and WPS will not compensate for any costs incurred. Damage due to accident, collision or act of God is not covered. 

Warranty Transfer
This limited 2 year warranty is only available to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is required for any claim.

Limitations of Liability
The purchaser is not entitled to any other or any kind of compensation than what is stipulated above
and consequently no compensation shall be paid for personal injury, financial damage including but
not limited to loss of profit or revenue, or damage on other property than the product itself

Contact WPS, or the Authorised Fitting Centre/Dealer where you purchased the product from as soon as the failure occurs. Provide full details of the failure, including images, and copy of your receipt from the purchase of the affected product.
WPS will then provide a returns number, you then have 14days to get the affected product to WPS for inspection. If the product failure falls within the warranty terms above, WPS will repair or replace and return within 7 working days. If for any reason repair or replacement isn’t possible, you will be offered a refund.