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Performance Seal Kits

Performance Seal Kits

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Aftermarket seal kits made up of high quality parts for reliability and performance. Made up from high quality Nitrile and advanced Polyurethanes, all parts are sourced and kits assembled in the UK, with some of the wiper seals and glide rings being custom made in the UK, to our specification. 

These kits contain all the parts required to perform a service. 

For fitting instructions, just follow your shock manufacturer's service guide via the links below:

Rockshox Service Guides

Fox Service Guides

Marzocchi Service Guides

Cane Creek Service Guides

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How To Buy

You can buy from any of our approved resellers or fitting centres. Click here from more.


How do I fit it? Follow your manufacturers service instructions, you can find a link here. All seals included in the kit fit directly to your shock without modification.

What's included? All the major seals and back up rings we recommend you replace for a full service.

How long do they last? These kits are designed to last for the manufacturers recommended service interval - please check your manual for those guidlines.

Does this affect my shock's warranty? Fitting these seals may affect your manufacturers warranty. Please check with the manufacturer before purchasing.

Do I need special lubricants? No, you can use what your manufacturer recommends, or a reputable dedicated suspension lube. We really like RSP Slick Kick grease.