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Podium Piston Kit - Fox Grip2 VVC

Podium Piston Kit - Fox Grip2 VVC

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Podium Piston Kits - better flow, better performance!

High flow piston and shim tuning kit to give you more grip, more control and ultimately, faster segments! 

CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminium and hard anodised piston, along with high-grade valving shims, uprated IFP spring and guide, piston stud and check valve. 

As standard, these dampers have little in the way of compression damping support. Our piston kit allows the tuner the ability to create much more support for the rider, while the high-flow design still allows the damper to open up and take those harsh impacts

We've also replaced the piston bolt with a stud. This ensures the LSC adjustment range isn't compromised by a varying stack height and also allows the use of 6mm ID shims, which are much more readily available, keeping the cost down. 

Furthermore, we've increased the damping range available on the HSC adjuster, by changing the number of VVC shims, giving much more noticeable adjustments on each click. 

The Piston Kit comes complete with:

  • Aerospace-grade aluminium and hard anodised base valve piston.
  • Full shim kit, with enough shims to create all of our suggested tunes, including rebound, mid-valve shims and VVC shims.
  • Uprated IFP spring and guide, for better pressure balance in the system. 
  • Piston stud, nut and check valve. 
  • WPS Podium Piston Kit Decals

Compatible with all Fox Grip2 VVC dampers from 2021 to 2024

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How To Buy

You can get yours fitted at one of our official fitting centres. Click here from more.


Why is this better than standard? Manufacturers often have to work to a buget, meaning complex piston designs are sometimes too costly to keep the sales price point. We've produced more complex designs to increase flow and improve the quality of the flow. Giving you next level performance.

Can I fit this myself? At present, no. They are only avaialbe through our Approved Fitting Centres, so we can make sure you're getting the right tune and it's all fitted correctly.

Will it affect my warranty? Yes, it will affect your warranty. Please check with your prefered Approved Fitting Centre first.

What's the warranty on the piston kit? 2 years from date of purchase, full details here.