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Podium Piston Kit - RS Charger3 RC2

Podium Piston Kit - RS Charger3 RC2

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Podium Piston Kits - better flow, better performance!

High flow piston and shim tuning kit to give you more grip, more control and ultimately, faster segments! 

CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminium and hard anodised piston, along with high-grade valving shims and an uprated IFP spring.

As standard, these dampers have a base valve piston that preloads the shim stack. This makes the transition between the LSC oil flow and the piston oil flow feel harsh, due to a sharp rise in damping. Our piston kit doesn't preload the shim stack, giving a much smoother transition, allowing the damper to take control of the impact, rather than transfer it through to you and the bike.

Our design allows the tuner the ability to create much more support for the rider, while the high-flow design still allows the damper to open up and take those harsh impacts

The Piston Kit comes complete with:

  • Aerospace-grade aluminium and hard anodised base valve piston.
  • Full shim kit, with enough shims to create all of our suggested tunes, including rebound shims.
  • Uprated IFP spring, for better pressure balance in the system. 
  • WPS "Podium Piston Kit Inside" Decals

Compatible with all Rockshox Charger3 RC2 Ultimate dampers

Check out our IFP Height/Clamp tool for faster assembly...

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How To Buy

You can buy from any of our approved resellers or fitting centres. Click here from more.


How do I fit it? Fitting instructions here, if you're experienced in shock servicing, or get one of our approved fitting centres to fit for you.

How to I tune it? Get one of our approved fitting centres to fit it with a recommended tune for your requirements, or use the damping curve data included in your kit to choose you're desired damping curve. Then just fit the appropriate shims.

Do my adjusters change? Your adjusters physically stay exactly the same, you'll just have a different level of damping for each click, depending on the shim stack fitted.

Does this affect my shock's warranty? Yes, it does void your warranty. However, the gain in performance is huge!

Do I need to use different seals? No, you can use standard seals, or one of our seal kits.

What spring rate do I need? Try our spring calculator to get you in the right ball park for the amount sag you're after. Or speak to your preferred fitting centre for advice.