Rockshox Charger3 IFP Height & Clamp Tool

Rockshox Charger3 IFP Height & Clamp Tool

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While developing our Podium Piston kit for Charger3 RC2, we found it was a labour-intensive task bleeding the damper. So we came up with this tool. 

Simply insert the IFP tube assembly into the clamp, clamp in your vice, push the IFP down until it stops, fill the tube with oil, push in your compression valving assembly, screw on the damper tube assembly, fill with oil, fit the rebound damper assembly, remove from the clamp, fit IFP spring/Topcap and you're ready to cycle the damper a few times, before fully compressing to release the excess oil. 

No more faffing with the IFP height, no complex procedure, just quick and efficient rebuilds! 

Made from very high quality carbon fibre filled nylon, for a tough and durable tool for everyday use. 

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How to I tune it? Get one of our approved fitting centres to fit it with a recommended tune for your requirements, or use the damping curve data included in your kit to choose you're desired damping curve. Then just fit the appropriate shims.

Do my adjusters change? Your adjusters physically stay exactly the same, you'll just have a different level of damping for each click, depending on the shim stack fitted.

Does this affect my shock's warranty? Yes, it does void your warranty. However, the gain in performance is huge!

Do I need to use different seals? No, you can use standard seals, or one of our seal kits.

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